Equality and Diversity Policy

Pier Training is firmly committed to a policy of equal access to and equality of opportunity in the provision of all its services regardless of age, race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, disability and political or cultural beliefs.


To this end, Pier Training will:

  • Promote diversity and provide equal opportunity to all its staff and volunteers, both during recruitment and throughout employment
  • Consider compliance with the requirements of all relevant legislation and approved codes of practice, which relate to equal opportunities and diversity, to be the minimum limit of its obligations
  • Ensure that all potential staff receive equal consideration at recruitment stage and will not be discriminated against.
  • Ensure that all staff employed by Pier training, doing the same or a similar job, shall be considered as equal in terms of employment, promotion, transfer and training opportunities, benefits, selection for redundancy, short-time working and over-time working
  • Expect all staff to treat all individuals with respect
  • Expect all staff, in close liaison with each other, not to discriminate or put pressure on others to discriminate. This would be classed as a disciplinary offence
  • Class harassment (including sexual) or victimisation of any nature as a form of discrimination to be dealt with as gross misconduct through the disciplinary procedure
  • Treat as a serious matter, and encourage staff who feel they have been discriminated against, to follow the guidelines as laid out in the grievance procedure
  • Numerous programmes delivered by Pier training may at times be funded by the Skills Funding Agency and in order to satisfy their requirements we have to ensure accessibility to all sections of the community. Their audit processes are designed to confirm open access and equality to all programmes
  • Pier Training is well aware that each participant undertaking this training is an individual in his/her own right and therefore requires inputs that cater for this need. It is the responsibility of the individual to make known any specific need prior to commencement of any programme. This will enable all arrangements to be made well in advance and to obtain approval where applicable
  • Pier Training will ensure that there are no unnecessary barriers to assessment which prevent candidates from effectively demonstrating their attainment. Suitable arrangements will be made for candidates with particular assessment requirements to ensure that they are not given, or do not appear to be given, an unfair advantage
  • Each candidate will complete an Initial Assessment to identify individual specific needs. The outcome of the Initial Assessment will be recorded on the Individual Learning Plan together with detailed support to ensure the learner achieves their full potential. Pier Training will make special arrangements according to the needs of the candidate, reflecting his/her usual method of working. In making these arrangements, Pier Training will ensure that the validity, reliability and integrity of the assessment process are preserved
  • Through contact and discussions with all parties, Pier Training will monitor, evaluate and report the use of these special arrangements and will ensure special consideration and fair treatment of delegates due to temporary illness, injury or indisposition, in accordance with national guidelines. As with all programmes the data collected is open to inspection and can be audited by all interested parties
  • The promotion of this approach will be highlighted during all induction sessions. Such material will comply with Equal Opportunities, Disability Discrimination and all other appropriate legislation
  • Pier Training will ensure that all groups within the local community have appropriate and fair access to learning and development opportunities
  • We will provide equality of opportunity and will not tolerate discrimination on grounds of age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion or belief, sex or sexual orientation – or any other grounds
  • All candidates that undertake any form of learning with Pier Training will complete an induction programme
  • During the induction full roles and responsibilities will be explained together with programme structure, content, assessment and support available. Candidates will be encouraged to ask any questions and to clarify any areas of concern
  • The induction will also enable the candidates to meet the staff responsible for their training. It is essential that a rapport is quickly established so that the candidate feels completely at ease in asking any questions regarding the programme
  • Health and Safety rules and regulations will be explained


In support of this policy Pier Training will:

  • Continuously review the policy in line with current legislation requirement
  • Provide equal opportunities and diversity training for all staff and learners to encourage an understanding of why valuing people as individuals is important to the organisatio
  • Ensure that suppliers and associates to adopt diversity management approaches and to actively pursue measures which will contribute to the achievement of equal opportunitie
  • Ensure, through appropriate marketing and publicity, that knowledge of Pier Training products and services reaches all potential groups