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After an initial meeting I wasn’t sure what to expect with the course. I have experience of similar type courses in the past and it was very much a “bums on seats” type approach. However, now that I am a few modules into the course I am finding it very rewarding. I am able to apply my learnings pretty much straight away to real life situations. The team at Pier are very helpful and my mentor is always ready to give advice and help, not only with the modules, but in the real life situations too.


Matthew P – Project Sales Engineer
Commenting on delivery of L5 Operations and Departmental Manager programme


”What I have found with Pier training is that they are able to support me in all aspects of apprenticeship delivery. They are a trusted partner and I have developed a very good working relationships with them over a relatively short period of time. What I like about Pier is that they are flexible in their approach. They will do whatever is necessary to ensure quality of delivery is maintained and that learners and line managers are fully engaged with the process. They have been able to attend learner engagement events across various Spire hospital sites across the country with me to raise awareness of clinical apprenticeships and to sign learners up – they have been a great support to me. Pier training team have met with Heads of departments and learners alike to readily engage them with the idea of apprenticeships and to ensure that they are fully engaged with the process”.

D Barker, Apprenticeship Manager SPIRE HEALTHCARE GROUP

‘’Apprentices are fully supported through the onboarding process, and are given an introduction to the apprenticeship before they start, they are actively encouraged to take ownership of their qualification. Pier Training have worked in partnership with us to develop bespoke apprenticeship programmes which meet our specific requirements and support the needs of our staff. Our contact from Pier works together effectively with us, the apprentices are supported to achieve their full potential resulting in an easy seamless process for us at the NHS Trust’’.


K Adock and M Rowland- Northampton General Hospital NHS Trust 


‘’Staff at Pier Training are working with South Warwickshire NHS Foundation Trust effectively, resulting in a seamless process for myself as the apprenticeship co-ordinator and the trust. Pier and Ruth Dollen’s (CPM’s) support is of great value to me, they have a flexible approach and have tailored their delivery model to suit our requirements. I have built up a trusted partnership with Pier and have regular communications and meetings to support us with our staff learning needs. Apprentices are extremely happy with their onboarding process, and have a full understanding of the programmes and what’s involved before they start the learning journey. They are actively encouraged to take ownership of their qualification. We have had positive feedback from our learners about tutors from Pier Training- especially about Tracey Storer who is very supportive, motivates the learners, and plans her teaching and learning sessions to stretch our apprentices to help them achieve their full potential’’.

L Johnston, Apprenticeship Coordinator South Warwickshire NHS Foundation Trust

I must admit although I’ve never taken part in a careers event before. I was unsure of what to expect, but really enjoyed it!

The children were a credit to the school and much to my surprise at such a young age seemed to have a plan for their future. I think enthusiasm is the key with children and if you can engage with them they will respond positively.

I would like to thank Pier Training for the opportunity to take part at the careers event today.

Samantha Phelps HCA, Spire Little Aston
Hospital commenting on visit to The Manor Park School in Birmingham.



All learners have responded really positively and feel really happy with the sessions so far. Doing the sessions as a group rather than individually actually motivates the learners to get involved and do the work. As we have been able to pre-book the sessions we have been able to be proactive and put the dates onto each learners rota, this really helps with attendance and also shows them that we feel it’s important we allow them the time to attend the sessions and complete their work. The trainers ( Rene and her colleague Jan Smith) communicate excellently with the Registered Manager letting her know progress as it happens. This is really supportive so that the RM can track the progress. We feel that we are working collaboratively with you in order to achieve the outcome, which is fantastic.

N Sharpe, Director S Group


Over the course of my recovery I have found huge support and assistance from Lindsay Moody, someone whose had similar issues. He has recently completed a Mental Health First Aid Trainer course and I have registered to do the same in November. After completing the course and after a period of experience, I will, hopefully, be qualified to train people in a work environment to recognise a mental health issue and to take initial action in assisting recognising and recommending a course of action.

For myself, I have always found it incredibly helpful to open up about these issues and I really believe that participating in this course will help me and will also help others overcome or face up to mental health issues. As I am so open, I have had messages from, and conversations with, so many individuals who have their own personal experiences either themselves or with family members and friends. I have to say, mostly female. It’s a known fact that mental issues amongst the male population are prevalent because of their failure to address the issues.

Thank you Lindsay, it’s all down to you.

Lyndsay Moody- Mental Health Trainer


Feedback from a Levy employer post induction session today. (Very in-depth about expectations and clear about the layout of the course. I’ve spoken to all 5 learners who have told me they left with plenty of information and feel prepared and motivated to get started.
I sat in for one of the sessions and it’s encouraging to see the level of support and individualised learning the apprentices will be getting. The communication has been really good throughout, so far, and we hope this continues. Our learners felt very relaxed during the sessions and the staff members very approachable)

Levy employer (Warwickshire County Council- Unique Care)


”The training is working well helping staff to develop and change their approach. They now think around why they are undertaking tasks. It is definitely going in the right direction resulting in changes and benefits for the business.”

Gary Kitchin -MD HMK Automation commenting on delivery of L5 Operations and Dept Manager and Team Leader Supervisor standards to their staff.


Thank you for the learning session delivered on 25th April 18. I thoroughly enjoyed showing you around the hospital hydro pool area and sharing the hydro self-management session. Lynn, you always have a nice calm and professional approach, which makes me feel more comfortable and relaxed during the learning sessions. Thanks for being a supportive tutor.

Looking forward to the next session.

Nicola Davey, Healthcare Asistane at Spire Healthcare St Anthony’s Sutton. London commenting on a training session delivered by our Healthcare Specialist Tutor Lynn Coutts

Also can I say how much I appreciate your support so far. I haven’t found it easy to find time to put the work in so I’m very grateful to you for nudging and supporting me all the way. Each time we meet, I feel like I am actually making progress which also helps me to get motivated.

Samantha Phelps, HCA Spire Sutton Coldfield

Training is delivered to this site by Pier Healthcare Specialist Tutor Jan Smith


Oh wow gosh really! chuffed to bits thank you so much, that has really made me feel like I can complete this apprenticeship programme.

As I told you I may struggle with the level 2 functional skills due not being in education or training over the last 10yrs, my little grey cells ‘both of them’ have had a hard time!
I have hands-on knowledge of the course contents with over 20yrs of work related experience, but transferring my thoughts and experience on paper is something I have never found easy I’m afraid.

I hope within this next chapter of learning, I will embrace and achieve the knowledge and skills which I can then pass on and help others. What more could I ask for?

I know with your support, I really feel I can complete the apprenticeship programme. This will also secure my financial future with career progression and achieving a recognised professional qualification. I didn’t have the opportunity or support before to achieve. So thanks to you and i feel that my future is a lot more positive and secure.

Many thanks again.

Tracey Fairhurst, HCA Spire Healthcare 

“Mohammed. I just wanted to say huge thank you to you and all my tutors who have been supporting me for the past year with my diploma and care certificate. I can honestly say that I have learned a lot about patient care, safeguarding, handling information and GDPR, mental health and capacity and many many others. Every day I can reflect on something that I have learned and implement it at work. I feel more confident in the job I do.
I have covered many units whilst studying and I am so glad I have embarked on this interesting journey. I would most certainly recommend this course to all HCA’s as it is so useful.
I am very grateful for all the support you provided and for all my lovely tutors who were there to guide me”.
Amela Mahmood HCA (Spire London East hospital)

I arrived very nervous as it has been years since I have completed my studies. I suffer from Dyslexia. The team made me feel very relaxed and explained in detail what was required, helped me to complete the application forms. I then took the initial assessment test on the computer and was surprised on my results. I look forward to the course and I’m feeling very positive.

Maxine Traill, OPD Assistant at Spire Murrayfield Hospital

”Sharon, it has been a pleasure to undertake this training programme with you. Thanks for your support and coaching throughout. The information you gave me and the way it was presented was great. Having a person with real life experience was ideal, as all the theoretical elements can be related to my work. I really appreciate the effort that you and the team at Pier have put in”. 

Matthew Potts, EPA Distinction L5 Operations and Departmental Manager HMK Automation Ltd  commenting on Sharon Morris (Tutor)

I would first like to thank you and your team, the first time I met with your staff- I felt at ease and motivated to pursue my clinical apprenticeship.
We talked about my dyslexia and the support provided Pier was excellent.
I can highly recommend Pier training for anyone out there looking to learn new skills or to better themselves. I find the tutor Jean White very helpful and truly a best tutor you could ask for.

Aaron Page HCA (Spire Manchester Hospital)

Today has allowed me to understand greater what is required from me to progress onto the general nursing diploma. The information session has allowed me to be introduced back into work based learning/ education as I have not been studying for many years. I am happy that I don’t have to complete Maths and English again. I am looking forward to pursue the Apprenticeship programme embedded with a diploma and its related modules. This will stretch my knowledge and allow me to gain new skills.

Karen Dohren, OPD Healthcare Assistant at Spire Murrayfield Hospital feedback after learner engagement session.

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Jan Smith, Healthcare Specialist tutor with Spire HCA speaking to an HCA


”I would just like to say however that my tutor is an absolute credit to your company. She has gone above and beyond to help myself and other learner’s and I wouldn’t have been able nor had the will power to finish my qualification without her. Tracey has had constant contact with us (even if it’s 9pm on a Sunday), has got back to us with any questions we may have had and just been such a support to myself and others. “

Emma Jefferies HCA (Spire Leeds Hospital)

Touching feedback from one of our HCA apprentices. “I just wanted to send you a quick message to say that my tutor who has made such a difference to not only how I deal with learning/maths but also gave me inspiration to enable me to cope with other issues. I was a military medic for 22 years & unfortunately on my last tour of duty i was severely injured. This has had a profound effect on my health, life and confidence.. Within such a short period Louise has not only helped me through my apprenticeship but the skills she has taught me is helping me in my everyday life. For the first time since my injury I feel that I can move forward and don’t have to just make do. She is a credit to your organisation and I thought I should let you know”.

HCA (Spire Healthcare)

”For me…My maths has held me back since i was 16 and i knew i had to pass maths exam to progress further and thanks to Pier training for their help and support. Hopefully i will be applying to the university soon for the degree apprenticeship”.

Anna Dawn Brecht HCA (Spire Healthcare)

A thorough induction is key to successful completions. Here is what our clients and learners have to say about our service.
‘’Arrived very nervous as it has been years since I have completed my studies. I suffer from Dyslexia. Pier team made me feel very relaxed and explained in detail what was required, helped me to complete the application forms. I then took the initial assessment test on the computer and was surprised on positive results. I look forward to completing the apprenticeship and I’m feeling very positive”. Maxine Traill- OPD Assistant at Spire Murrayfield Hospital. I just like to thank you for your help and assistance today, it is much appreciated – all the staff were really happy to meet up with Pier team and are excited about their apprenticeships’’.
Carolyn Warren- Deputy Matron at Spire Murrayfield Hospital. I am looking forward to start my apprenticeship as I feel there is a lot of support given by Pier training, the training programme will be beneficial for me. I do think its good that I will be undertaking Maths and English functional skills as part of the apprenticeship standard’’.

Hannah Speed- Ward Healthcare Assistant at Spire
Murrayfield Hospital